My organics mulberry meadow

Myself, my wife and our 3 wee toddlers have been planting and growing on Mulberry Meadow Farm for 10 years now. We are an organic farm nestled in the drumlins of Monaghan. Here, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity be surrounded by fresh, organic, seasonal veg. We are passionate about making Irish food healthy and fun. Food should be eaten as close to the soil as possible so we are excited about our My Organics range of living salads, wheatgrass and veg...from our plot in a pot to your plate!

We know that we are in a privileged position here on Mulberry Meadow Farm and are passionate about giving this fresh, organic experience to as many as possible. 

The Food Academy at SuperValu has been instrumental in helping us to grow our farm at a speed that works for us. We hope to employ 2 people in the coming months, so the growth on our farm is benefitting the immediate area. We are super excited that more and more Super Valu customers are getting the opportunity to create meals with produce from our wee Monaghan farm, from our farm to your fork!

In a world where food is often mans' poison we want to see people create healthy, happy meals. We do not own this plot of land but are merely the gatekeepers for the next generation and we hope to hand this plot over happier and healthier and those who eat from it eat produce that is happier and healthier too!