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I set up Mama Nagi’s in 2015 from my home in South Dublin with the idea to bring authentic raw chilli paste made from popular Indian recipes to the Irish market.

Living in Ireland I found it very hard to source authentic real Indian spices and pastes. I would frequently visit my mother in the UK and she would make her special Mama Nagi’s Hot Punjabi Chilli Paste for me to bring home. My mother’s recipes have been handed down through her family before her, culminating in a rich palate culinary tradition which has followed my family from India through Uganda, to the UK and now to Ireland.

My product range now consists of 3 Chilled Chilli Pastes:

  • Hot Punjabi Chilli Paste
  • Keralan Coconut Chilli Paste
  • Bengali Sweet Chilli Paste

SuperValu’s sponsorship in the Food Academy programme for new artisan food producers has given me a huge insight into food production and marketing.

As a new artisan food producer supplier to SuperValu, I look forward to doing business with Ireland’s leading food retail group.

Right now the suppliers for my ingredients, including Musgrave’s, and my suppliers in print and packaging are helping to create and maintain Irish jobs for these Irish companies.

My company’s goal will be to expand and create our own production and logistics and grow Mama Nagi’s into a leading oriental food brand.