I am Dr. Thippeswamy  Sannaveerappa, in short, Dr. Swamy a PhD in Food Science. My company called Lubdub Foods Limited, was set-up in the end of 2014. It almost took a year to get the business off the ground. Much of the time was spent on market research, product feedback & optimisation, financing and production scale up.

Lubdub Foods specialises in manufacturing and marketing of scientifically developed, all natural, healthy and health promoting food products serving athletes and health conscious consumers. We produce nutrition bars such as health bars and spirulina bars under N2N Near to Nature Brand.

Getting on to Food Academy programme was a fantastic opportunity. It helped us to fine tune the business, helped in speeding up the process of launching the product, and established a network of like-minded business owners. SuperValu has helped us by giving us a chance to try out our products in their store, but for this it’s not an easy road for early start-ups to supply or even to trial products to supermarkets.

We are helping local health conscious consumers and athletes with a healthier option of convenient nutrition bars produced locally. We are hoping to expand our business which will help create jobs in food manufacturing, marketing and sales area.