Love me desserts Emma Hollingdrake  6

Emma dabbled with courses and cakes and decorating cakes and eating lots of cake before deciding to start her own business. Her first step was a business development course in 2015 which gave her a small insight into what might be involved. During her final presentation for that course her goals for 2016 were to become a trader in Naas Farmers Market and to be accepted on the Food Academy Programme. Fast forward to June 2016 and Emma has achieved both those goals. Emma currently works from home in Kildangan but her next goal and top of her to-do list is to find a proper kitchen to work from so she can develop more indulgent desserts in jars.

Emma’s experience on the Food Academy Programme has been fantastic and immensely beneficial. Emma really couldn’t believe her luck when she got the email to say she had been successful. Emma read somewhere once ‘It always seems impossible until its done’ and there were certainly times on the programme when she felt this was an impossible journey but then she did her presentation to SuperValu and got an email to say Congratulations. Emma worked as a cook for the day care centre in Monasterevin for 3 years and shopped in SuperValu every Monday and Thursday. She can still remember looking longingly at the signs and areas where local producers products were displayed wishing and wanting that to be her someday. Emma is hugely grateful to both the Food Academy and SuperValu because without their help how does a little foot step up on a very big ladder.

At the moment Emma does all the baking, assembling, piping, tasting, markets and deliveries with the help of her husband Kit and daughter Penny (chief taster) but will definitely be needing a helping hand once a suitable premises is found and looks forward to having someone else to help with the taste testing and the endless paperwork!