Kefi is an artisan functional food company currently supplying a range of delicious gourmet health food ice-creams with a number of truly unique attributes. While many choose Kefi based on indulgent taste alone, the products represent a revolution in ice-cream: actively health promoting, mega-biotic, with no added sugar, gluten free and suitable for all sorts of special diets including weight loss, dairy intolerance and diabetes.

The basis of the products is kefir, the mega-biotic, fermented superfood traditionally associated with extraordinary good health and longevity. Inspiration for the range came from founder Conor Saunders' years working as a functional nutritional therapist. Conor's clinical experience and research confirmed that no other food, or indeed pharmacy bought supplement, can match the biotic potency of natural kefir. Using only the finest all-natural ingredients, the Kefi range is every bit as delicious as any gourmet ice-cream but with all the unique added health benefits.

The company receives a steady stream of messages from customers delighted to discover an ice-cream that suits those that normally avoid traditional alternatives for various health related reasons. Many report improvements in digestive wellness: a welcome bonus.

The Food Academy is an ideal programme for new artisan producers. Conor from Kefi says he found all elements of the programme truly helpful: the class based training, the individual mentoring and of course, the live shop trials.

“Getting going in food manufacturing is not simple and making mistakes is going to be part of the process” says Conor, Kefi boss. “However, with the Food Academy programme, newer businesses like our own are professionally supported throughout, avoiding many of the worst pitfalls and instead, rapidly getting fully “match fit” to compete at the highest level. Food Academy works as a template for launch and success. And just as important, the programme promotes kinships and peer support amongst fellow producers and helps inject some fun and cooperation into the daily workload. For food culture in Ireland and aspiring entrepreneurs, Food Academy has been a real game changer. We are very grateful for the platform SuperValu has afforded firms like our own and really salute them on the concept” says the Kefi boss.

Kefi is continuing to expand its store base across Ireland and is helping the community in various ways: as well as helping the digestive health of the growing legion of Kefi fans, Kefi now supports several jobs in its home county of Wicklow.

Conor is passionate about nutrition for health and continues to support local and national events with this aim, frequently speaking on the topics of gut and mood health and the microbiome connection on radio, at health events and in schools.

“Kefi is a leader in the food for health revolution that's happening here in Ireland and in Supervalu in particular.” says the nutritionist turned entrepreneur. “Basically we offer “nutritional therapy in an ice-cream tub!”. How cool is that?“