Jenny s kitchen

Jenny’s kitchen is a dedicated gluten free bakery which started in 2013. We started doing markets and food fairs which lead us to talking to our local Supervalu.

We introduced ourselves and our products to Supervalu in Roscrea where they were very helpful in steering us in the right direction with our labeling and our packaging. By doing the food academy program it has given me a chance to grow my business.

Our competitive edge is the high quality of our products. All products are made from scratch, no mixes are used. No additives or preservatives are used and the freshest of ingredients are sourced locally. Only quality ingredients are used to create incredibly tasting gluten and wheat free bakery goods that can’t be matched anywhere else in the county.
Jenny’s kitchen is dedicated gluten free, EHO approved bakery where no gluten based product can contaminate our products as they do not enter the premises.

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