Jack doyles brewery

Our Past - Jack Doyle, born in Wexford 1896, was head ploughman on the old Ballymore Estate, responsible for keeping both the horses and the machinery that they drew in perfect condition. Jack’s fine attention to detail led to the production of only the finest Malting Barley for the brewing and distilling industry. 

Our Present – Jack Doyle, born in Wexford 1996, is the youngest member of a brewing team that seeks to emulate the traits of his great grandfather through showing the same passion and commitment to their craft.

Our Journey – Liam Doyle, was brought up in London after his father emigrated for work in the 1950’s. Although John (Jack) Doyle had started his working life as an apprentice to ‘The Cooper Murphy’ of The Pottle, Ballycanew, Wexford, the advent of steel kegs and casks saw a diversion into the construction industry. Liam eventually returned to Ireland in the mid 1990's where he ran his own construction company until the economic crash in 2008. With the Doyle’s once again facing emigration, the decision was made to try something new that, if successful, would serve to keep the family at home. In 2010, after completing a brewing course and obtaining planning permission and a brewer’s licence, Liam set up Wexford’s first commercial brewery for over 50 years in the beautiful picturesque village of Blackwater. The brewery finally got beer to the market in May 2014 and achieved international acclaim after winning an award in Brussels. 

In that same year, after engaging in the first Food Academy Programme, Jack Doyle’s Brewery were given the great opportunity to supply their beers to SuperValu stores, first in Wexford and then further afield. 

Expansion has allowed the brewery to build a brand new 25HL facility alongside the original 3HL Brewery.

Our Future - Although production has commenced on the larger facility, our original pilot size 3HL brewery will continue to operate, as a “workshop" brewery where our brewer’s aspiration will be to truly push the boundaries of brewing by crafting an ever evolving range of exciting small batch beers. We have increased employment in our community, creating jobs for not only casualties of the construction crash, but new workers and ex brewing personnel that had been made redundant by the large macro brewers. Jack Doyle’s Brewery is now looking to the export markets whilst we strive to create and maintain a model Irish company, but of course our greatest aspiration is to have you join us on that journey.