Giorgio Guastalla moved to Ireland from Italy in 1998 and after setting up a successful technology business with his wife, the two entrepreneurs decided to chase a dream. They wanted to bring the best of their home country to Ireland.

In 2002, Giorgio began by importing the very best of Italian ingredients – products that he personally knew and loved. The best Prosciutto di Parma was selected from Fratelli Galloni along with premium Parmigiano Reggiano and incredible Barolo wine from Poderi Colla. Italicatessen’s amazing story of passion and love for authentic Italian foods unfolded from there.

Irish consumers immediately loved these products. Soon, we began hand preparing and packing cured and cooked meats, cheeses and marinated olives. Most recently, we have even begun a small production in Liguria of 500lt cold pressed 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, importing if for exclusive sale in Ireland.
When he began his journey, Giorgio knew that the best way to connect with consumers was with top quality. And 15 years later, we are Ireland’s specialist importer, distributor and producer of authentic Italian sliced meats, cheeses and marinated olives. The culmination of almost 15 years of passion, work and expertise, is the release of our new flagship brand, Guastalla.

Today, we have the same values and select suppliers and products carefully, according to

  • Quality - organoleptic product features and ingredients, production process
  • Ethics - companies sharing the same value of promoting good eating

Using a lifetime of food experience, we select only the best and to ensure consistency, we monitor both products and producers directly and we bring value. For us value means making sure that the right price is associated with the product. All this is possible because of our expertise and efficient logistics.

After the ingredients are selected, the preparation, the slicing and the packing all happen here in Ireland. We slice our meats and cheeses in Ireland. Not only is this better for the Irish economy, environment and costs, but it is also better for quality as the product reaches the table super fresh, just like if you bought it at the deli in Italy! Our master slicer and his team, are dedicated every day to doing the same job as the deli expert. They slice the products in an artisan way, and hand prepare every individual pack that arrives super fresh on the tables, without adding any preservatives or additives and avoiding any industrial processes that can affect the quality, such as keeping it in below zero temperatures.

We are so proud to be the only Irish Food company able to offer consumers these unique products and we hope everybody can experience the same mesmerizing aroma as if they were in a deli in Rome, Milan or Florence when they open the packs!

As an existing partner client of ours, SuperValu has given us the opportunity to participate to the Food Academy program, supporting all the steps of our rebranding process. The help and feedback that SuperValu has provided to us so far has been invaluable to guide the successful development of our new brand.

As the production turnover increases, we will hire new staff and implement our expansion plan of the unit, investing more back into the economy.