Irish Biltong

Irish Biltong Company was created in late 2015 by Noreen Doyle and her husband John,  both of whom come from farming backgrounds and understand the importance of high quality produce.

“As a family run business and an advocate for supporting local and recognising the importance of promoting the Irish Beef heritage and quality, Noreen explains: “The meat we use to produce the Irish Biltong is from the very finest of local Irish farms. Coming from a North Cork farming background myself and Johns beef expertise, we have a life-long history connected with the beef and dairy sector.”

Irish strips of beef are marinated, spiced and hung in special containers to dry at the company headquarters in Naas. With over 80 per cent of the moisture extracted during this process, what is left is a highly nutritious condensed strip of beef. This is then finely sliced and packed in shelf-ready bags – Irish Biltong.

We launched our product onto our first retail shelves through Food Academy with Supervalu. This allowed us to gain experience in dealing in mainstream retail whilst also connecting our brand with the already well know Food Academy program.

Following our expansion late last year we have now created a further 2 full time positions along with the existing 2 full timers and 4 PT.