Inistioge food co

We are just two people who had a dream to live in the countryside, and were fortunate enough to stumble upon the picturesque village of Inistioge Co. Kilkenny.

We found a farmhouse & pretty soon we had a new addition to the family, Tina, our Horse. This big softy just loved eating apples in our orchard, so to stop her getting too fat, we picked them all. Using these apples, we made our first chutney’s and sold them at the local farmers market. Inistioge food co. was born!

As time moved on we found it harder to combine our passion for cooking with our new lifestyle. We love good food but needed to save time in the evening preparing dinner. So, we came up with a unique marinade adding our favourite  Craft beer for extra flavour. Cooked in minutes, less washing up, gave us more time with family, friends, & Tina.  We hope you enjoy our marinade too.