Mark & Terry Hyland are brothers from county Cavan who have always had a love of all things to do with beer. Having visited other countries we were always surprised about the variety of beer styles and types available in bars while Irish bars only provided a limited range of beers brewed by large commercial breweries. Thankfully, over the last 5 years, the craft beer revolution has taken hold across the country and it was then when Terry and Mark decided to start home brewing after finding a home brewing kit for sale online.

Our flagship beer, Celtic Warrior Pale Ale, is an American Pale Ale style brewed from Irish malted barley and it symbolises Ireland's rise from the recession. Celtic Warrior embodies everything great about being Irish. We appreciate our heritage and culture and we want to promote Irish strength, resilience and pride through our beer and our brand. It also pays homage to thousands of years of brewing beer in Ireland that had been lost to us for so long. As for us we are just two country lads from Co. Cavan being given the opportunity to continue doing what we love.

Craft beer by its very nature is a filling and satisfying experience with the presence of strong flavours and aromas. As craft brewers, we want our consumers to experience every mouthful and appreciate the craftsmanship involved.