Hazel mountain chocolate

Hazel Mountain Chocolates founded in 2014, is a bespoke bean to bar, chocolate factory. Unique to Ireland, it is one, of only a handful of boutique bean to bar chocolate makers in Europe and has recently been listed in the top ten food destinations in Ireland. Making carefully crafted small batches of chocolate from the bean to the bar is a complex yet pure process but with very tasty and extraordinary results. It starts with cacao beans, ethically sourced from small farms all around the world. Then begins the slow process of turning cacao into some of the healthiest chocolate bars and spreads in the world. To begin, the cacao is hand sorted to use only the finest beans, followed by slow roasting to develop flavor, then cracking, winnowing and stone-grinding for up to forty hours.  Finally, master chocolatiers create an internationally renowned range of products natural and fresh and locally.

Working with SuperValu offers Hazel Mountain Chocolate a platform for sales to our growing followers in a everyday shopping experience, people who previously had to go out of their way to purchase now can in a daily groceries shopping.