Hannahs secret

Hanna's Secret presents  mouth watering, handmade breads. These are no ordinary breads, with the range tapping into changing consumer trends and tastes.

The range of breads are gluten, dairy and yeast free, with no added sugar or fat. However best of all, this range is truly unique as it actively lowers cholesterol!

I was accepted onto the Food Academy programme with SuperValu and I can truthfully say, it was this that drove sales through the roof (and still does), taught me what the market really wants and basically gave me confidence to continue to hopefully make Hanna’s Secret a household name.

As a single mum to Hanna, I have a dream, a goal and a purpose, of which I can say, I am proud. This dream has created 5 full time jobs and we hope to have 3 more by the end of the year.

I think the biggest learning for me is that dreams, coupled with ambition and hard work, and a helping hand from someone who recognises the worth of that vision (that’s the Food Academy) can be built into something extraordinarily worthwhile.