Gourmet Fuel

Gourmet Fuel started producing their nutritious, wholefood meals in January of 2015. Set up by brother and sister, Rob and Emma Buckley in 2014, they spent a year researching and developing their product to be fresh, healthy and calorie controlled so that everyone can achieve the correct balance of energy and nutrients each day, easily!

Nutritionist Emma, teamed with talented Head Chef, Andy Dowling who was previously head chef in Avoca, to create their mouth-watering range meals. The meals are designed to either work on their own as a simple, healthy convenient meal or to fit together as part of an overall calorie controlled plan. Each meal is made, freshly, by hand in their kitchens in Sandyford in Dublin, using the best of ingredients to achieve superior taste and health. And they’ve been given the stamp of approval to nourish some of Ireland’s top athletes heading to Rio this year! But you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy Gourmet Fuel meals, they’re for everyone, young and old. They’re simply ‘Healthy Eating Made Easy’!

Emma has had a long relationship with SuperValu as she was their nutritionist for three years in 2003, so she was delighted to work with SuperValu once again after all these years. Gourmet Fuel’s relationship with SuperValu has been really positive, we feel that as an organisation and the Food Academy in particular, give small, artisan, Irish producers a chance to showcase their product to see if it appeals to the discering SuperValu Customer.  The support, advice and mentoring not to mention the personal relationships that have been built with stores and loyal customers has been great.  

We are in a very fortunate position to have been able to provide full time employment to 5 kitchen staff members, the team is growing both in the operations and the production areas of the business. We’re working with some incredibly talented interns from the food science/culinary arts and nutrition areas as well as supply chain and logistics and would love to be able to offer these talented students employment when they graduate.