Fresh from the pier

I entered my Rustic Smoked Fish Pâté into the RTE product development TV series "The Taste Of Success". After public tastings and industry judging, it was crowned the Dublin Regional champion and national runner-up. With a lot of interest from viewers nationwide looking to buy the product, I decided to setup my own food business, to bring it to market.

Accepted into the Food academy programme, I was like a sponge, learning how to go about achieving my goal. With fantastic mentoring and the specific knowledge and tools provided, “Fresh From...” was born. After completing the program, presenting to the SuperValu buyers, I was offered a space within 24 stores, a great opportunity to get my first product onto the market.  

I believe in sourcing the freshest produce and finest quality raw ingredients to bring you a premium food range. Fresh from...the pier/the garden/the farm. Prepared by hand and packed full of the good stuff, it’s good for a healthy heart and soul. Great food with a fresh and funky twist, we plan to grow organically, creating some new jobs as we go. Keep it fresh!