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My love affair with food started in my teens when I was first unleashed on my Nan’s country kitchen. No matter what other career path I subsequently followed, it always came back to food! Cooking it...Eating it...Feeding other people it!

I became a fanatical home cook when my girls were younger, reaching the TV rounds (final 50) on MasterChef Ireland in 2011. It was during that experience I got my "light bulb” moment and it gave me the confidence to follow my instinct, forging the path ahead.

In 2014, a minor health issue prompted me to evaluate my diet, eating habits and nutritional intake. I became aware of the importance of gut health and the connection it has to overall health and wellbeing. After identifying the endless health benefits of eating nuts and tasting my way through the well-known nut butter brands on the market, I felt I could offer something a bit different in terms of quality, taste, texture and variety so I decided to try my own. There was no reason that nutritious food couldn’t be delicious, right?!

So, I hit the kitchen and what I came up with was so good I thought, why not share this with everyone? Something this good deserves to be shared! ...and so, the seed (or nut!) was well and truly planted and Fiona’s Nutterly Nutritious was launched in the retail market with Supervalu in 2016.

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