Finnegan's Farm

Finnegan brothers, Paul & Joe, are 5th generation farmers based in the heart of the Boyne Valley region near Navan, Co.Meath which is home to some of the earliest farmers in Ireland. Our passion for potatoes means potatoes make up the backbone of our farm and we employ 20 fulltime local staff to help us run it ensuring only the best quality potatoes come out of the ground.

Traditionally supplying fresh potatoes from our field gates to your dinner plates, Finnegan’s have found a new way to offer potatoes which suits the busier lifestyle of many Irish people. We have begun preparing and par-cooking our tasty spuds to make them quicker and easier for you to enjoy.

The Finnegan’s potato products launched with the Food Academy in January 2016 in 9 Meath SuperValu stores and since then we have gone from strength to strength and are now available in over 45 stores across the country. SuperValu have helped us by allocating shelf space to us in their Food Academy section, which is solely for artisan and local food producers. They have also given us helpful marketing advice which we have found very beneficial to get our name out there. This has allowed us to reinvest in the business to develop new products and has facilitated the employment 5 additional staff since our launch to meet the growing demand for our potato range.