El sombrero

El Sombrero is an artisan producer of authentic Mexican salsas made by Javier and Michelle, following the traditional recipes that have been in their families for decades. They want to share these salsas with Irish families so that they can bring new flavours to the dinner table that will transport them to the sunny beaches of Mexico and will give them a piece of Mexico in every bite.

El Sombrero not only is keeping the amazing flavours of the Mexican food, they are also growing the ingredients locally to have a product that is born in Mexico, but made in Ireland. The range includes the traditional Salsa Roja (made with red tomatos and green chillies and is great for fajitas), Salsa Verde (made with green tomatoes and green chillies and is perfect for pork and scramble eggs), and the delicious Salsa Chipotle (made with red tomatoes and Chipotle chilli that has a lovely smoky flavour and is perfect for fajitas and fish).