Eblana beverages

Rebecca Tidey began her food journey in 2012 when she established Eblana Beverages Limited, an Irish food and drinks company based in Dublin. She has always had a passion for quality food and drink. She says ‘Food is our common ground, a universal experience to be enjoyed by people all over the world.

At Eblana Beverages,we have a mission to continuously introduce unique and interesting products for our customers to enjoy.’ In 2012, Eblana Beverages launched Paint The Town Red Cocktails, a range of Delicious alcoholic bottled cocktails, available in two favours: Berry Daiquiri and On The Beach. In 2016, Rebecca extended the range into a Delicious range of Dessert Ice Cream Infused with alcohol! Strictly For Adults, Paint the Town Red Cocktails Dessert Ice Cream infuses premium spirits with traditional Ice cream flavour to create one truly unique taste. 

Rebecca says ‘This isn’t just a frozen daiquiri or a cocktail pouch with vodka in it. This is true range of high quality Ice Cream infused with premium alcohol as part of the ingredients.’ Paint The Town Red Cocktails Dessert Ice Cream is available in four Delicious flavors: Honey Bourbon Whiskey Caramel, Irish Cream Liqueur Choc’Chip, Spiced Rum & Vanilla Bean and Caribbean Rum Strawberry Daiquiri.