Easy Bake Michelle Kinnear  1

Michelle Kinnear, from Rathfarnham in Co. Dublin has always been around baking. Her father is a retired baker who ran his own bakery where Michelle learned to bake from an early age.  From this passion for baking Michelle has created a range of yummy flavoured brownie mixes called Easy Bake. They come in three flavours; Original, Mocha and Orange.

As a Mum of three children she understands how busy peoples lives are and wants to bring families back to a little home baking without the drama. It couldn’t be simpler, 12 delicious brownies require only the addition of what every house already has (3 eggs & melted butter) and 20 minutes in the oven. There is an illustrated method on the back of the label which makes it fun and simple to use for children and families alike.

The brownie mixes biggest fans are her children’s friends on the street, so much so that their Mums looking for product led to Michelle turning her passion into a business in early 2013.

Initially selling at markets and a small number of local shops to give Easy Bake fans somewhere to buy,  Michelle was accepted on the SuperValu Food Academy programme in 2016 which has helped her get onto the supermarket platform. “The information gained from the workshops in the Food Academy is invaluable in helping me to scale up my ideas into a business; practical advice and mentoring at this point in my business are essential to making those important first steps”, says Michelle.

The only thing better than a flavoured brownie is a flavoured brownie made in your own oven.