Dvine nut butters

I first started this business last year in Mountshannon, Co. Clare doing local market stalls. I initially started making nut butters a few years ago after deciding to improve my diet. The nut butters became very popular with friends and family, and so the business took off from there. My unique nut butters are stoneground and organic, with as little ingredients added as possible. They contain no palm oil, preservatives or other nonsense.

Nuts are exceptionally good for you and have been proven to reduce the risk of many known illnesses and diseases, and even aid in weight-loss.

Nut butters are an easy and delicious way of getting nuts into your daily diet.

Stone grinding is an ancient and gentle processing method that is much slower than conventional processing methods. It is a lot gentler on the nuts and therefore it is believed the final product contains more of the benefit of the nuts, and also tastes divine!

I believe that a healthy diet is a major key to happy, long life. I have produced these nut butters to make incorporating nuts into your daily diet easy and delicious. They can be enjoyed in porridge, smoothies, as a spread, in recipes both sweet and savoury, or just eaten straight out of the jar!

Supervalu has really helped to get me and my business into action. It has allowed me gain a wealth of experience and knowledge through excellent mentoring and has given me the opportunity to make many valuable contacts with like-minded entrepreneurs. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

In the future as the business expands I hope to create a number of jobs, and also promote my area and Ireland as the brilliant food destination that it is.