Daisy bakes

Home baking has always been a daily thing for our family for as long as I can remember, and it was out of this passion for quality bespoke home baking that Daisy Bakes was born, named after our daughter Sarai Daisy. Put simply I just love baking and creating cakes for people, it’s a real passion of mine.

After my training I took the jump and officially started Daisy Bakes in early 2015 and have seen rapid growth year on year, it’s been amazing to see it go from strength to strength and I’ve always been looking to improve and develop my products and services for my customers.

It was through this passion to develop our product range that we came up with  our Handmade Chocolate Bites, a delicious mouthful of luxury and delight made with the finest of Belgian chocolate, all handmade and individually wrapped. We also decided to go one step forward and do our own packaging. Each box is individually handcrafted from timber by my husband John, with as much care and attention going into each box as there is in the baking.

The business model for Daisy Bakes is quite simple, we’re all involved in some way. I do the baking, (Sinead) my husband John does the packaging and logistics with our backroom team of 5 wonderful children helping out a lot, particularly with quality control and tastings!

We also have a range of products under development for Christmas, Easter, Valentines and Mother’s Day. It’s very important to keep reinventing Daisy Bakes and not to become complacent regardless of where Daisy Bakes brings us.

I was born and raised in Mountcollins myself, a really small village in West Limerick, right on the border of Kerry and Cork and it’s from here in Mountcollins we raise our family and it’s our base for Daisy Bakes. It’s small, it’s simple but it’s also perfect for our family and our adventure.