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My passion for cake and biscuits goes back as far as I can remember, beginning in my aunt’s bakery as an official tester.  In 2015, after a meal with friends, I had the idea to bring together people with gluten and milk intolerance along with vegetarians. After trying different, traditional, family recipes, I finally managed to produce delicious biscuits and cakes with a wow factor. My pride was to see the smiling faces in different markets around Dublin as they tried my product. 

With SuperValu, I wanted to take it to the next step, reach more people and let them know: if they are dairy or gluten intolerant, vegetarian, vegan or even just on a normal diet, they can have delicious handmade biscuits. Thanks to the Food Academy, I understand how to build my brand, the importance of valuing the product and what differentiates me from other competitors.

I believe in my product and ideally would like to have my own biscuit factory in a few years.