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Craigies Cider is an independent Irish vintage cider maker based in Blessington, West Wicklow. Our ciders are made from 100% Irish apples and reflect the natural environment in which the apples are grown and the apple varieties we blend produce a true vintage cider.

We began producing premium ciders from our farm in Ballyhook, Grangecon  - home of the  renowned Grangecon Soapbox Derby - in 2012. The winner of the first ever Derby - The Ballyhook Flyer - has become  a byword in Co. Wicklow for creative design and superior craftsmanship. Built by Angus Craigie, It is the inspiration behind our first blend The Ballyhook Flyer.

Since its launch in the Spring of 2013, the quality of our cider has been widely well received and has attained significant positive attention from the national press.

Craigies Ballyhook Flyer has already been included in ‘The World’s Best Cider’, P. Brown & B. Bradshaw 2013.

Simon Tyrrell, Ireland’s leading specialist in wines from the Rhône Valley and Ralf Hoegger of Tenuta Il Palagio winery, tend the fermentation and blending of these traditional, dry ciders. 

The SuperValu Food Academy programme has particularly helped us focus on the marketing and wider distribution of our product. We are hopeful that this will lead to further growth and jobs in both our company and the wider community of Irish industries used in the production of our cider.