Chase foods

Chase Foods is an artisan milling business that became operational in early 2014. In our facility in North Dublin, the company produces a range of wholemeal flours and hot cereals with all the nutritional benefits in their natural balance. No modifications, no artificial additives and no preservatives. Our range of products is sold with the Food By Nature brand.

Through the Food Academy programme, Supervalu has provided us with an invaluable route to market. Beyond that, they have offered mentorship and support that has equipped us with necessary resources for sustained growth.

When we started, we struggled with paying bills and other operational costs but today, because of the support we have received, we have been able to recruit two staff members and there is the potential for more. SuperValu claims to support local businesses and the Food Academy shelf, which is indisputably on ground in many of their stores across the country, is a testament to that claim.