Celtic Diamond

My name Augustin Mamba. Originally, I am from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In early 1990, I moved to the Netherlands to complete my business studies. After completing my studies in the Netherlands, I started working for myself.

I owned a small retail shop where I was selling Food and beverages, and I was specialised in selling ethnic food. That was the first time I started selling the full cream milk powder as this was the milk I was using back home. After this business, I was offered a position at Mercedes Benz in Maastricht. Two years later I changed to work to for IBM in The Hague then got transferred to Dublin in 2000.

When I got to Ireland, there were not many minority shops where I could buy the full cream milk powder with my family. The big shops like SuperValu, Tesco, Dunnes stores, Centra were not selling the full cream milk powder.

Mid 2015, I decided to build a brand so that I can start supplying the milk powder to the big Supermarkets where most of these people do their shopping. I wanted to fill this gap. I contact one contract manufacture who accepted to manufacture the product for me.

In December 2015, I launched the brand called “Dublin Milk” which was changed to “LEPI”. LEPI is now distributed to the ethnic shops. We have decided now to leave LEPI, which is in French and English, for Ethnic shops and we have decided to create a new Brand for Musgrave, called “CELTIC DIAMOND”, which is a metaphor, to reflect the value of Irish milk powder comparing to our competitors so far. Our task now is to educate Irish population to consume this milk powder, to show them the features of this diamond and what benefits they will get by buying it before we start exporting it to other countries.

Mid 2016, we approached Food Academy and explained our project, I was selected to take part to Food Academy program which I did and this was very helpful