Cary’s Premium Lactose Free Ice Cream

I started this company with one simple premise….I am lactose intolerant and I wanted a natural premium ice cream that was lactose free so I could eat ice cream.   I started experimenting with recipes in my kitchen and finally with some tremendous help and technical support landed came up with an ice cream that is 100% all natural pure dairy lactose free ice cream.

I started working with Food Academy that is sponsored through SuperValu in January with the intent of trying to accomplish two things… 1) to see if the product had merit and could get onto the shelves of SuperValu and 2) to bring back an “old fashioned” ice cream that would meet the needs of the those people that have lactose intolerance.  I believe I have accomplished both tasks and now I pleased to introduce Cary’s Premium Lactose Free Ice Cream. 

I am of the opinion that if you can’t pronounce the word or it has more than two syllables then you shouldn’t be eating it.   This Cary’s Premium Ice Cream is all natural and contains no additives just good old fashioned milk and cream.  We have added the lactase enzyme which breaks down the milk sugar and allows for people with lactose intolerance to now enjoy ice cream just like everyone else.  What is so fantastic about Cary’s is that everyone in the family can enjoy eating this ice cream.