Brehon brewhouse

Brehon Brewhouse is located on the McMahon Dairy Farm in the parish of Killanny, Co. Monaghan. A parish where the Anglo-Norman Pale ended and Gaelic Ireland began. On a hill overlooking the brewery sits Dun Eilite, one of the ancient McMahon fortresses. This was McMahon country, the place where they held their small or intermediate lordships and from where they raided into the Pale.  

From where this ancient law once flourished, where Brehons sat on hillsides dispensing justice comes Brehon Brewhouse.
Brehon Brewhouse was founded just over two years ago on Seamus McMahon’s Dairy Farm. Seamus regards himself as the custodian of his 100 acre homestead. He is continuing the proud tradition of development and expansion by generations before him. Seamus sees Brehon Brewhouse as natural and innovative extension to his dairy business. He is the only dairy farmer in Ireland who has a brewery attached to his farm.
"SuperValu’s motto “Believe in Local” has stood us in good stead. With the support and advice of the team at SuperValu, Brehon Brewhouse has passed through the Food Academy “Giving small producers a big chance” and blossomed from a start up venture to valued supplier."
From humble beginnings with the appointment of a full time brewer Philip Bizzell, Brehon Brewhouse has gone from strength to strength and employs three full time and seasonally seven part-time employees.  
Brehon Brewhouse contributes to local and regional employment through the sourcing of materials and services from companies ranging from building materials suppliers, bottle suppliers, grain and malt suppliers, couriers, plumbers, electricians and construction workers.