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BóPro is the ultimate rehydration and recovery drink for athletes and active adults alike. It contains all the protein and amino acids the body requires to rehydrate and recover after a training session, workout, cycle, swim or brisk walk. It is also an ideal refreshing ‘pick-me-up’ at any time of the day.

BóPro is a fresh milk based rehydration and recovery drink containing 20g of protein per 330ml bottle, coming in three flavours; Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate. It is made using Irish organic milk and only contains natural ingredients. This results in a product that is free from artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. Based in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin, BóPro will be manufactured and packed in the heart of Ireland on the border of Carlow and Laois.

Back in 2013, Ian Lawless’s interest in health and fitness was the genesis for the concept of producing a milk based Nutritional Sports drink. Having looked at the existing products on the market and following some preliminary research, Ian discovered that there was a large body of research which not only cast doubt on the claims being made by existing sports drinks but also promoted the positive aspects and benefits of one of nature’s most natural beverages and that was milk.

At this stage Ian approached businessman Tom Poynton. Together they conducted an independent marketing survey. This was done with a view to clarifying the secondary research already in the public domain and   the anecdotal hunch both Ian and Tom had concerning the potential and possibilities for such a product.

Ian is a Fire-fighter paramedic with Dublin Fire brigade. He is married and has four young children. Tom is also married, with two adult children and has spent many years working in the private sector with multinationals, SME’s and running his own business.

Financial backing from Enterprise Ireland and Fingal LEO has facilitated the development of BóPro into the product it is today. With the Food Academy programme, we now have the access and exposure we need to help make BóPro a successful product in the Irish market. SuperValu’s retail experience and advice have been invaluable in perfecting BóPro into the product you see today.

Developed using Irish ‘know how’ and procuring packaging and ingredients from Irish suppliers, the success of BóPro will lead to the creation and maintenance of many jobs in the coming years.