Baked with love

Baked with Love is a family run bakery based in Monaghan town, that produces premium breads and pastries with an Eastern European Twist.

The company was set up by Mila Khokha, who is originally from Belarus. Mila came to Ireland over a decade ago and in mid 2014, she set up the bakery to follow her dream, aspiring that one day Baked with Love would become a brand of choice.

Mila had a passion for baking from a very young age and it's the unique family recipes that have been passed through generations that helped the company to break through to the Irish market. Bramley Apple Twist and Swirly Bites from the Celebration Range are just an example of some unique products that are just an absolute hit among consumers.

The company is undergoing a significant growth at the moment that will result in employing 6 people this year.

Just a few weeks ago, Baked with Love received an Enterprise Award for Best Start Up Business in County Monaghan.

Food Academy has played an important role to the success of Baked with Love to date. While being on the Food Academy programme, the company was registered. After 9 weeks in business, Baked with Love secured the place to supply products to 9 local SuperValu stores on a trial basis

"In 2015, the number of stores was gradually growing, as well as the sales.

Due to strong sales in SuperValu stores, Baked with Love decided to upscale the business significantly and rented 600m2 commercial unit and already employs 3 people.

There are exciting times ahead, and we know there will be lots of challenges on the way. We do believe that if you have a great product and you run the business with passion, determination and with the customer at the core of everything you do - your business will succeed".