Bake it Easy

Even as a child, Maria always loved baking, the smell and the taste of warm, soft bakes straight from the oven. Now, as a mom of two she realises even more how special it is to bake your own treats as a way to spend quality time with your children or to just have the joy of fresh baking at home. Maria created her range of cookie mixes to show people just how easy it is to bake high quality treats at home. “Amazing baking really comes down to good ingredients in the right measure. At Bake it Easy we believe anyone can bake amazing cookies using our mixes. They’re just so simple to use, even my little boy Ben (3) can do most of the baking himself and he’s so proud of himself after making them!”.

The Food Academy and SuperValu have given us an amazing platform from which to share our products with people. They understand the importance of high quality, locally sourced products and how important local producers are to the local economy. The Food Academy framework allows us to grow our business at a pace comfortable for us. The Food Academy programme has mentored us in all areas of building a sustainable business that can grow steadily into the future.  
Through the food Academy’s support our business can give back to our local community through local employment but also by bringing positive press to our local, rural area.  We are so excited about the time ahead and growing our business with SuperValu.