Bake Appetit

Bake Appétit was started by Stephanie Lee in 2016, when she had the opportunity to turn her love of home baking into a small food business from home.

“When I looked at bake mixes and similar ‘ready to eat’ products on the market, I discovered that most contained little-to-no nutritional value and were full of artificial preservatives, flavourings and colourings. So after lots of experimenting with my favourite recipes, I developed two nutritiously delicious muffin mixes using 100% finely milled local wholegrain flour. Wholegrain is vital to a healthy digestive system, rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and complex carbohydrates. The addition of yogurt (a natural source of probiotics, vitamin B12, calcium and protein) results in a super moist and nutritious muffin that all the family will enjoy!”

Stephanie’s Wholegrain Bake Mixes are a quick and easy way to bake at home. “All you need is a whisk and a bowl and with no mess or fuss, they’re ready to bake in minutes. Make them on a rainy day at home with the kids and bake happy memories, as well as nurturing skills that will give them the confidence to cook and bake as they grow older. Or why not make them for friends and family as a treat or perhaps a family celebration.”  

In 2016, Stephanie was offered a place on the Food Academy Programme and she completed it in early 2017 following a series of structured and informative workshops. 

“As a small start-up food business, the knowledge, insight, support and mentorship I received throughout the process was invaluable to me. It guided me through what would have been a very difficult task on my own, in helping to take my product from my kitchen to the Supervalu shelf.  Supervalu has given me a great platform to share my product and I look forward to working alongside Supervalu in growing my business and taking it to the next level.”

Hope you enjoy baking the ‘Wholegrain’ way with Bake Appétit!