Anu Dairy

Anú Dairy Limited, an Irish Limited Company established in April 2016, has developed a K2 rich butter, which is organic and 100% grass-fed. The product process involves the acute grassland management to naturally enhance the levels of Vitamin K2present in subsequent fat content of cream which will be used for butter production.

The butter is enriched with Vitamin K2 derived as a direct result of the Companies grassland management techniques. The product represents a unique value proposition to its customers as the world’s first Vitamin K2 heart healthy butter. Historically, cholesterol levels have been used as an indicator of the risk of Cardio Vascular Disease. Modern science has uncovered that 50% of those with high cholesterol levels do not go on to develop CVD. A more accurate indicator of potential heart disease is Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC score), which relates to build up of calcium on the arteries. Cardiac Scoring is a better predictor of coronary events than cholesterol screening or other risk factors.

Vitamin K2 has highly beneficial health impacts. Vitamin K2 decalcifies the arteries and deposits this calcium back into the bones. In this manner, Vitamin K2 has enormous health benefits for the prevention of CVD and Osteoporosis. Vitamin K2 can be sourced in organic grass fed dairy animal products. Vitamin K2 is a fat-soluble vitamin, and ideally suitable to delivery via a fat based dairy product.

Anú Dairy also produces a premium Chocolate protein milk to service the growing sports and fitness industry demand. The dark chocolate and cocoa are sourced through a local chocolate manufacturer in Cork. To add continuum to our focus on calcium, Anú Dairy uses a sufficiently large amount of cocoa to be able to make a Magnesium claim on the bottle. Magnesium has a synergistic role with Calcium in strengthening bones and contributes to muscle function. It is one of the more common mineral deficiencies and is involved in over 300 body processes.

A key component of the Companies approach is to secure high quality milk supply via competent novel grassland management. Anú Dairy Limited is a dairy company that naturally alters the microbiome of the soil to access stored minerals that lead to high nutraceutical dairy products. The farms selected in our supply chain in many cases currently rely on chemical fertilisers and poor soil quality. For suppliers to the Anú Dairy product line, the Company prepares specific analysis of soil health for these suppliers to enhance the nutraceutical value of the milk provided and support farmers in lowering chemical fertiliser costs.