Aedamar curd

My name is Aedamar Cassidy and I am an artisan food producer. I set up my company, Aedamar's Curds, last August 2015. I produce homemade Lemon Curd and Lime Curd in small batches using only natural ingredients. I started out my business as a hobbie making preserves for friends and family and then started the country markets. When I saw the great reaction to my products I realised that I could turn my passion into a business. My Lemon Curd recipe is an old authentic family recipe made by my grandmother and passed down to my mother and now me! I come from a farming background so we were fortunate to have our own free range eggs, and I remember at my granny's house the butter was made on the farm and used in cooking the curds. I used to make my curds at home in my kitchen in Newbridge, Co Kildare but now I have moved into a HACCP approved production kitchen in Mountmellick, Co. Laois as the demand for my products has increased so much.

The reason for the increase in demand is due to the Food Academy! I took part in the Food Academy programme in March 2015 and, luckily, got a place on the shelves of SuperValu in September 2015. I started out with 5 stores in my local Kildare area and now I am on the shelves of 24 SuperValu stores. Being part of the Food Academy has given me such an amazing start out in my new business. SuperValu really look after new fledgling food businesses and are so helpful to me at all times. I received great marketing ideas, sales tips and general assistance in all aspects of retail through SuperValu. Tastings are a big part of selling products to the consumer so I am usually in different SuperValu stores each Thursday and Friday and love telling my story and giving out recipe ideas for my products.

I am at the stage now where my business is growing and I have 3 new products that I am bringing to the market. I now need to employ 2 new staff to help me so that I can be more efficient in my sales throughout the country. I have lots more SuperValu stores to facilitate and look forward to supplying SuperValu Nationwide! 

I look forward to continued business with SuperValu. I am one of the fortunate ones doing a job that I love and am excited about my expansion with new products.