250 kcal

It all started in 2008, when I was diagnosed with diabetes - not the typical type 1 or 2 diabetes, but a halfway house variety, where you fall in between the two common forms of diabetes. This required a complete change of diet and lifestyle and the elimination of refined sugar from my diet.

Together with my sister Denise, we tried to find a way of making my favourite foods without using refined sugar, which was much more difficult when it came to those treats we all like to have from time to time. After many experiments, where most things ended up in the bin rather than in our tummies, we carried out a lot of research on how to make good tasting cakes and desserts without using refined sugar, but also without using chemically created sweeteners, Eventually, we managed to produce some good tasting results. At our regular dinner get-togethers we'd try something new and use our family and friends as unofficial testers. Over time, we refined our efforts and came up with some really tasty treats that didn't contain refined sugar and also contained a lot less calories. In 2013, we decided to find out if everyone else liked the products as much as we did, and used the results to improve the recipes we had created.

Since receiving the opportunity to stock our products in SuperValu, we have enjoyed great interest in our products and have received enthusiastic support from store managers to provide a range of treats that offer a choice to those consumers who like to have a treat that is lower in sugar and calories without compromising flavour and freshness. We are delighted to receive SuperValu's support and are excited to add more SuperValu stores during 2016, which will result in an expanded workforce at 250kal as we increase production and add new flavour cakes to the range