Win with Irish Pride

WIN a Family Break at the Connaught Hotel, a Team Kit for your School, a Kindle for your Teacher plus Runner Up Prizes!

Kids love a good sandwich and as parents we all remember the good auld sandwich packed with cheese or ham, or even jam as we headed off for another exciting day at school. White Bread, Brown Bread - which one would Mammy choose for us? Well, today kids want a little more! And you want them to maintain a healthy diet. So, now you can with Irish Prides ‘Better with Both’, where taste and goodness are both blended together. Our delicious white and wholemeal infused bread is for everyone. With absolutely no hydrogenated fats, being low in fat and sugar and a great source of fibre, we think we’ve found the perfect balance.

Now you can get the Better of lunches.

Terms and Conditions apply



  1. Purchase the Irish Pride ‘Better with Both’ Bread at your local supermarket.
  2. Design the most innovative sandwich you want using the ‘Better with Both’ Bread.
  3. Snap a picture of your sandwich and the ‘Better with Both’ product by it’s side.
  4. Fill out the competition entry form on our website, upload your image and send it to us, Best of luck!
  5. Don’t forget to enjoy the goodness of your sandwich afterwards and give your little ones, and not so little ones a whole new experience in their lunchbox come September, ‘It’s a matter of pride.’ Now, go on say it, Ahh it’s Better with Both!!