Win with Hunky Dorys

Our brand new Hunky Dorys Chips have arrived! These delicious crinkled chips come in two full on chipper flavours:

Salt & Vinegar - this one’s a chip off the old block, it’s for the true traditionalists, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Hunky Dorys Salt & Vinegar Chips have no notions about them – this is just like yer man down in the chipper does it.

If you’re feeling a bit saucy, why not check out Hunky Dorys Curry Sauce Chips? There’s no chip on your shoulder, you know exactly what you’re looking for here, something that brings the heat. This one packs more crunch than a 3 in 1 can offer!

To celebrate this tasty new launch, Hunky Dorys and SuperValu have paired up to give you the chance to win an Apple Watch or an iPad! To win, all you need to do answer the question below:

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Win an Apple Watch or iPad with Hunky Dorys

What full on flavours do NEW Hunky Dorys Chips come in?

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