Deep South Cookin’ class for two!

Fire & Smoke - Win Cooking Classes

Fire & Smoke is looking to get you all fired up about pitmaster BBQ cooking and the flavours of the Deep South, USA. Fire & Smoke is inspired by the primal grilling traditions of the original Deep South pitmasters and the sweet and smokey flavours that come from the region.

The Fire & Smoke range of cooked products, including ham, turkey and chicken, are all rubbed with mouthwatering glazes before being smoked low ‘n’ slow over woodchips for 8hrs and seared with crackling flames to give them full on flavour.

Do you want to experience Deep South cooking right here in Dublin? The Fire & Smoke team will be setting up shop in a city centre location and hosting a Southern Style Cookin’ class to show you how they do hospitality in the Southern states of the USA.

They want to get you cookin’ with some of their smokin’ flavours including Texan Taste BBQ Smoked Chicken, Kentucky Style Bourbon Smoked Ham & Mississippi Style Fire Grilled Ham

For your chance to win two places at the half day Fire & Smoke Southern Style Cookin’ Class on Saturday, March 25th, just answer this simple question.

Good luck & get ready for a taste sensation!

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