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What better way to accompany a meal than with a glass or two of fine wine. Better still, accompany it with the correct wine to really compliment the dish. We have a vast array of wonderfully tasty meals for you to choose from in our recipes section and we've picked a few of our favourite dishes as well as a wine that compliments it perfectly.

Philly Steak Sandwich & Excellence Saint ChinianPhilly Steak Sandwich & Excellence Saint Chinian 

This is a very popular choice when eating out so why not make it at home! Philly Steak sandwich and homemade chips, such a simple yet delicious dish. Pair with a bottle of Excellence Saint Chinian and the meal is complete. A French red that truly lives up to its name!

An excellent accompaniment to this timeless sandwich!

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Traditional Roast Beef & Finca Labarca ReservaTraditional Roast Beef & Finca Labarca Reserva

A great old favourite that you just can't beat. And why not add all the trimmings, the yorkshire pudding, honey glazed carrots and parnips! And don't forget the Finca Labarca Reserva, a Spain red that really does just set off this dish perfectly.

A wonderful roast teamed with a wonderful wine!

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Stuffed Peppers & Mcguigan Black Label Pinot GrigioStuffed Peppers & Mcguigan Black Label Pinot Grigio

Stuffed peppers are easy to make and extremely tasty. We absolutely love these delicious treats which are great teamed with a glass of Mcguigan Black Label Pinot Grigio, a very fine white wine all the way from Australia.

Go on, treat yourself! Just delicious!

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Salmon Fishcakes & Villa Maria Sauvignon BlancSalmon Fishcakes & Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc

This recipe for salmon fishcakes with chilli mayonnaise and herby potato wedges is just delicious. Filling and wholesome this great meal is best served with a bottle of Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc, a New Zealand white, to really bring out the flavour of the fish.

A wonderful recipe as you can vary the type of fish you use. Instead of salmon fishcakes why not try haddock or crab meat!

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Herb Crusted Hake & Brancott Estate Pinot GrigioHerb Crusted Hake & Brancott Estate Pinot Grigio

Great for a dinner party as you can prepare this, herb crusted hake with lemon butter, before time. And what better way to set this dish off than with a bottle of Brancott Estate Pinot Grigio which brings out the flavours beautifully.

Why not invite some friends around for dinner!

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One Pot Roast Pork Chops & Willow Hill Shiraz CabernetRoast Pork Chops & Willow Hill Shiraz Cabernet

These delicious pork chops with creamy mash are the ideal dinner for a cosy night in. This tasty dish should be served with Willow Hill Shiraz Cabernet to really hence the flavour of the pork. This red wine from South Africa is truly exquisite.

A fabulous meal for all involved. Enjoy!

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Creamy Chicken & Black Pudding Pie & Nugan Third Generation ChardonnayCreamy Chicken & Black Pudding Pie & Nugan Third Generation Chardonnay

This flavoursome creamy chicken and black pudding pie is perfect on it’s own or serve it with a seasonal salad or some steamed vegetables. To finish off the dish just add a bottle of Nugan Third Generation Chardonnay. A beautiful wine all the way from Australia.

A tasty treat that we're sure you'll just love. Delicious!

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