SuperValu ChocolateProfiterole Recipe


This is so easy to put together from a few simple in-store buys, but with impressive results. It can be assembled up to a day in advance (taking the pack’s best before dates into account) and kept in the fridge. Serve as a dinner party or buffet centrepiece.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 0 minutes

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Serves: 6 people

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1. Arrange the giant white chocolate stars in a single layer on a plate or board. Brush a little edible gold paint all over to add a little shimmer. Set aside to dry.     

2. Cover the base of a serving plate or cake stand with a single layer of profiteroles as the base of the tower, then continue to build them up, carefully layering them on top of each other until the last one reaches a point at the top.  

3. If liked, use a hairdryer on a low speed setting to melt the chocolate on each profiterole. This gives them a nice shine as well as ‘wetting’ the chocolate for the decorations to stick to. Working quickly, arrange the gold painted stars and milk chocolate stars in gaps all around the tower. Sprinkle the mini white chocolate stars, gold scrolls and ‘sprinkletti’ evenly all over the profiteroles to decorate. Pump puffs of the gold lustre spray all over. Present to the table with sparklers on top for even more of a wow effect if liked.   

You will also need:

-A food paintbrush

-A hairdryer, optional

-Sparklers, optional  

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