Baked Whole Chicken with Herby Vegetable Broth


This is a delicious sauce to serve with the roast chicken and very different from rich heavy gravies.

Preparation time: 25 minutes

Cooking time: 90 minutes

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Serves: 4 people

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Buttered Baby Potatoes


  1. Preheat the oven to 190˚C/375˚F/Gas Mark 5.
  2. Place the chicken into a deep casserole dish. Drizzle with a little oil, season and place in the oven (uncovered) for 30 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile heat a wide based saucepan with a little oil and fry off the sliced onion, garlic, mushrooms and green pepper for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Add in the brown sugar next and the soy sauce.
  5. Next add in the mixed herbs together with the chicken stock and chopped tomatoes and allow the entire mixture to come to the boil.
  6. Season lightly, if required, with a little salt and pepper.
  7. Remove the chicken from the oven, reduce the heat to 180˚C/350˚F/Gas Mark 4 and pour the tomato broth in on top of the now browned chicken. Cover with a tightly fitting lid and return to the oven for another hour.

Buttered Baby Potatoes

  1. Meanwhile place the baby potatoes into a pot of cold water, bring to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer until the potatoes are softened.
  2. Strain off any water, add in the butter and seasoning, cover with a tightly fitting lid, and give the potatoes a shake and allow to steam for an additional 10 minutes.
  3. Remove the chicken from the oven and serve immediately with buttered baby potatoes.

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