Bacon, Scrambled Egg and Tomato Bap


A delicious way to start your day!

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes

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Serves: 4 people

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Scrambled Egg

  1. Beat the eggs in a bowl and add the milk.
  2. Just before cooking the egg mixture, add seasoning as to your taste.
  3. In a pan, melt the butter and add the beaten egg mix.
  4. Cook over a moderate heat, continuously stirring with a wooden spoon or spatula to ensure it doesn’t stick to the sides.

To serve

  1. Slice the bap open, not quite cutting through and lightly butter on both sides.
  2. Add the sliced tomato, 2 cooked rashers and top with some scrambled egg - serve immediately.

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