Scary Silhouette

Now here is a fiendishly simple way to make your house look extra scary on Halloween night. At first glance it’ll seem like a scene from your favourite scary movie!

All you will need is

  • some black paper
  • a pencil
  • black tape or sellotape
  • a scissors


1. Draw the pattern you want on the black paper. It might be a silhouette of someone standing in a window or your favourite ghostly character such as a witch or a monster.

2. If you aren’t the best at drawing then print a blown up image and then trace it. You can transfer the tracing onto the paper by reversing the tracing paper and going over the outline with a thick pencil.

3. Next, simply make the tape into a little loop so it is double sided. Attach the silhouette to the window and put a lamp near it.

4. Hey presto – ghoulish figures are roaming your house.


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