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There’s something wonderful about cooking that sets it apart from much of our daily activities. Yet many have allowed it to become a chore. Then it’s a slippery slope from chore to convenience food and an unhealthy diet. Which is why SuperValu launched the Good Food Karma Project (page 2) to help get Ireland cooking. In reality, cooking from scratch is not as complicated as many believe, especially with an abundance of summer ingredients.

The mistake is to dive in and try to cook every meal. It’s better to start small and build on that. Why not commit to making a mid-week meal and a Friday night dinner, then once you’ve got that under your belt, create a Sunday lunch from scratch too. The benefits of this are manifold. There’s the more obvious point that if you don’t spend it on the plate you’ll spend it at the doctor. There’s also the pleasure to be had in teaching your children a life-long skill, not to
mention the fun of sharing recipes and cooking for friends.

Flip your thinking, enjoy the zen of homemade
food and let’s get cooking!

Ross Golden-Bannon, 
Editor - FRESH

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