Cave Aged Swiss Emmental

Name: Cave Aged Swiss Emmental 

Country Of Origin: Switzerland

Milk Type: Cow’s Milk

Pasteurised/Unpasteurised: Unpasteurised milk

Style: Hard

Rennet Type: Traditional Animal Rennet


Cave Aged Swiss Emmental has a unique nutty full flavour.



Carefully regulated to ensure the highest quality, Emmental is manufactured in several Swiss regions (cantons). This variety is considered a particular treat, because the steady damp climate in the caves lends the cheese a richly aromatic flavour. Its distinct nuttiness works a treat melted on your gratin potatoes. Or just try it by itself with a medium-bodied merlot.


Pairing Recommendations

Cave Aged Swiss Emmenthal goes very well with a smooth and medium bodied Merlot or a sweet Riesling.






World Cheese Awards 2013 - Bronze

 International Cheese Awards 2013 - Bronze

AOP Protected

Appellation d'Origine Protégée

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