Kellys mountain brew

In 2012, Ronan Kelly and his wife Jacqui, returned home to Ireland after five years living in Qatar Middle East, where Ronan worked as a senior engineer and Jacqui worked as a freelance artist.

Whilst out in the dusty Qatari desert, they noticed (with great jealousy) how the Craft beer revolution was taking a hold of the USA. These were exciting times indeed for beer drinkers, and, it didn’t take long before the craft beer revolution began to take a hold of Irish beer drinkers.

Ronan and Jacqui had both been previous home brew enthusiasts, in fact, Kelly’s Justice was originally brewed at the foot of Donegal’s iconic mount Errigal, where Ronan spent his youth. With a bit of tweaking from a Master Brewer, Justice is the delicious Irish Pale Ale that it is today. Undisputedly delicious!
Ronan and Jacqui have since designed and built their own completely unique microbrewery in Clane Co. Kildare.

They sold their first case of beer to Supervalu Clane in 2014 and have since gone on to sell beer nationally and also export to Russia, export to Luxemburg, Germany and The Netherlands.

Kelly’s make great accessible tasty vegan beers, no aspect to the brew is outsourced, ensuring complete control over their beers from grain to bottle, guaranteed satisfaction.