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ProBox is a newly established, yoghurt-based, fresh fruit beverage and snack company. We offer the Irish consumer a fresh and delicious product that not only does good but most importantly tastes great. ProBox offers something new, something innovative and most importantly something not seen before by Irish consumers or retailers.

The idea for ProBox was & remains simple: Create a fresh fruit yoghurt based smoothie with as minimal ingredients as possible, and that’s it. A hybrid product that heists only the best components that certain other related industries have to offer. A brand new product, made from only other product’s ‘all-star’ features. These 3 industries of note to us were - 1.) the Functional/ Sports Nutrition Industry, 2) The Drinkable Yoghurt Industry, 3.) The Fresh Juice & Smoothie Industry. Having optimised every resource we could possibly obtain - linking with Bord Bia through their ‘Thinking House Portal’, reaching out to Love Irish Food for as many industry insights as possible and of course walking the aisles of every symbol retailer on the isle. We believe we’ve found our all star features and most importantly we believe each component compliments the next more so than the last.

A ProBox smoothie incorporates the functional, performance improving aspect of the Sports nutrition beverage industry. ProBox embodies the freshness, naturalness, wellbeing-first essence of the juice & smoothie industry. ProBox exhibits that creamy, satisfying viscosity that the dairy-based beverage industry has based itself on for decades. We’ve taken the champion aspects of three multi-million euro industries, and created a product that’s in a champion industry of its own. Something never seen before, but you can be sure — you’ll see again. To top this off, each ProBox line contains no more than 6 ingredients per bottle.

We’re made without preservatives, additives, colourings, added sugar or ultra-heat-treated dairy products. Our fully natural product is then processed within 24 of bottling using a process called HPP Tolling which naturally, through a method of sheer pressure and force exertion, extends the product shelf life to upwards of 5 weeks. No preservatives. No chemicals. All natural.

We endeavour for ProBox to become a cornerstone of the ‘Eat Well, Drink Well, Feel Well’ lifestyle, which has never been more prevalent among Irish consumers.

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