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                                1,800                                                              ONLY
                                IRISH                                     ONLY                    € 2.25
                                SUPPLIERS                                 € 1.79

         our award-winning
         sour cream & crème                                                     SuperValu Fresh Whipped Cream
                                                                                      350ml - €5.11/ltr,
         fraîche by                                                               SuperValu 8 Meringue Nests
         ClÓna...                                                                     100g - €22.50/kg
                                                              Ready for a bit of


         CLÓNA                                  ONLY

         Clóna Dairy Products has been supplying   59c                        € ONLY
         fresh milk and cream to SuperValu for over
         20 years including the award winning
         SuperValu Crème FraÎche and Sour Cream.
         Suppliers such as Cork farmer Thomas
         Buckley work hard to make sure
         top-quality milk is supplied year round
         to our dairy in Clonakilty so that we
         can provide the best dairy products to
         SuperValu customers.
                                              SuperValu Custard Ready To Serve   SuperValu Fresh Cream Resealable Bottle
                                              500g - €1.18/kg                250ml - €4.76/ltr
            79c                                € ONLY                          ONLY

                                                                             SuperValu Frozen Strawberries/
                                              SuperValu Frozen Mixed Berries   Raspberries/Blueberries 300g - 340g,
                                              340g - €3.50/kg                €6.67/kg - €5.88/kg
                                              ONLY         95c
                                              89c                            € 1.99

            SuperValu Original/Reduced Fat Crème
            Fraîche/Sour Cream 200ml - €3.95/ltr  SuperValu Ginger Ale/Soda Water/
                                              Low Calorie Tonic Water/Tonic Water   SuperValu Ice Cream Tubs Selected Range
                                                  1ltr, SuperValu Ice Cubes    1ltr
                                                      2kg - 48c/kg
           8                               Prices correct at time of print 02.11.18.
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