At Everest Granola we provide a gourmet granola cup which is made from all ridiculously tasty natural ingredients. Everest Granola cups are crammed full of proteins, fibres, minerals and live cultures that help you scale new heights. It is our goal to revolutionise breakfast on the go and change bad eating habits. It is far too easy to start the day by either missing breakfast or having unhealthy non-nutritious option. We provide a convenient solution of a great product at good value at any time of the day.  At the moment our product comes in 3 different flavours; Apple & Cinnamon, Raspberry and Honey. 

I am a busy health-conscious person I don’t have a huge amount of time for breakfast in the morning or for preparing meals throughout the day. From talking to my friends & family I understood that a lot of them felt the same. I decided to create a convenient healthy alternative to what was already on the market, something that you would actually make at home that has high quality ingredients but it is ready to eat on-the-go. I felt I could produce a product that could fill this gap in the market for a healthy on-the-go convenient snack or meal. 

When I heard about the Food Academy I was intrigued and saw this as a real opportunity.  The support we have received has been incredible and we have gone on to supply SuperValu nationwide. From this growth we have gone on to employ 4 people all from the local area. 

Last weekend we had a breakfast morning in our local GAA club St. Brigids. With the help of the club it was a great event and we really got to connect with the community and show them our product.

SuperValu Blanchardstown and Rathborn are our local shops so we are in and out of them every second day! It is a great feeling to be supplying your local stores and knowing people from your community are enjoying the product! 

Seamus Tighe

Truly Irish