Brexit Green Card

If a ‘No Deal’ Brexit takes place, all car customers with an Irish registered vehicle must have proof of insurance, called a Green Card, to drive in Northern Ireland or anywhere else in the UK.

In the event of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit we will automatically issue Green Cards to every car and customer who bought a policy from us since 1/1/19 free of charge. You don’t have to do anything. For new and renewing customers we will automatically issue a Green Card with your New Car Policy Documents as well as with each renewal.

If you've purchased your policy prior to 31/12/18 and have not yet renewed it with our new partner AXA, we will automatically issue Green Cards to all our customers who reside near the border area. For any other customers who do not live near the border area but do need a Green Card, please contact us on 1890 11 11 11, chose option 1 for Car, then option 3 and finally option 1, where you can then request your Green Card.

Your Green Card is simply proof of insurance. There is no change to your insurance policy.

For more information about the regulations, visit

  • Our customers who are based in border counties will be issued their Green Cards first.
  • For any questions you have about exchanging your licence, please visit the NDLS website. This requirement doesn’t change your cover with us.

If you are impacted by Brexit driving licence changes it is important to take action with the NDLS before 31st October, if you do change your licence, please contact us with your new licence number at your next renewal so we can update our records.

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